Teacher Training Events

MoreThan a Story!

2nd November 2019 | 10am – 4pm


Free teacher’s training for Christian Children’s workers at Efford Christian Fellowship.

Who we are:

Child Evangelism Fellowship has worked in Britain since 1947 and has more than 65 years of experience doing outreach to the children in our communities.

Our purpose is to help the local evangelical churches to organise Christian activities for children. The goals of these activities are to evangelise, edify and establish the children in the local church.

We are an interdenominational organisation that seeks to build bridges between the child and the local church. Child Evangelism Fellowship is working in more than 190 countries worldwide.

We depend on God’s provision through the prayers, donations and legacies of His people to sustain and expand our ministry.

 The teachers:

Alleyn Wilson has worked with CEF in various capacities since joining as a full time worker in 1983. She has recently moved to Plymouth from Scotland with her husband Paul and they are in fellowship at Efford. Alleyn currently serves on the CEF National Committee and is always on the lookout for opportunities to introduce children to Jesus and encourage others who want to do this.

Hanne Evans has worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship for over 13 years in three different countries helping the local churches to reach out to the children in their community. She is a fully qualified teacher from Denmark, a mum to three sons and a stepson and since 2016 she and her husband are foster carers as well.


10:00am – Arrival, tea or coffee
10:15am – God’s plan for the children 1 – Biblical Basis
10:45am – Much More Than a Story 1: Storytelling
11:25am – Short break
11:40am – Much More Than a Story 2: Remember the message – key sentences
12:20pm – Lunch
01:20pm – Much More Than a Story 3: Remember the message – application
02:00pm – Words to remember: How to teach Bible verses to children.
02:50pm – Coffee and tea break
03:20pm – God’s plan for the children 2 – Biblical Basis
04:00pm – Farewell

Register by 20th October, please contact Alleyn Wilson via text (07504 740 534) or email (alleyn@cefbritain.org).

The day is open to all Christian children’s workers and free of charge. Lunch, tea and coffee are provided.

Place: Efford Christian Fellowship, 20 Torridge Way, Efford, PL3 6JG