Immanuel studios


Immanuel Studios produce Bible and missionary lessons in several languages. The English titles are available to view here. Maybe you would like to incorporate the video lessons into your Sunday School class or Good News Club. If you have a youth page for your church or organisation, you can embed the videos on your own site, free of charge. Please contact Immanuel Studios for permissions. DVDs are also freely available by request. Further information can be found at

Mary Jones and Her Bible.

Joseph – God Meant it For Good.

Jeremiah – You Have Been Warned.

The Journey of a Lifetime – David Livingstone.

Parable of the Soils.

Christmas is for Real.

Jonah – The Runaway Prophet.

Build on the Rock.

Naboth’s Vineyard.

Milkgirl to Missionary – Lily Searle.

Wheat or Weeds.