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Greetings! We are ‘Sisters in Missions’ from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. In 2019, we travelled to the UK without any intention of becoming full-time missionaries, but as COVID-19 swept across the world, we found ourselves unable to leave the UK. During that time, we devoted ourselves to daily Bible study and served in our local church, teaching children about the Bible. God placed a strong longing within us to teach children the Gospel in a relatable way to help them cope with the changes in their lives. Priya received the Scripture John 21:15 “Feed My lambs,” and I received Romans 10:14 “How can they believe if they have never heard…”

This was confirmation that the Lord wanted us to share His message, but we weren’t sure how to go about it. Remarkably, without us sharing our thoughts, our Pastor, Roy encouraged us to apply to work with missionary groups, and another Pastor from the US, Beltane, encouraged us to volunteer with CEF. We applied to many Christian organizations, but CEF was the only one to welcome us into their family. We know that this opportunity was a result of God’s divine working. We’re grateful to God for opening this door for us to serve Him by sharing His Word with children in Watford and beyond. As CEF workers in Watford, we intend to use all our talents and skills to introduce children to the Lord Jesus Christ, so that they may believe in Him.


Are you looking for a program to prepare you for children’s ministry? Look no further than CEF’s comprehensive training courses. Priya and Corinna completed the Equip Course, Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 (TCE1), and the Children’s Ministry Leadership Course (CMLC) in 2021 and 2022. Additionally, they had the opportunity to receive hands-on training in Ireland from experienced CEF workers for six weeks. Now that their training is complete, they are more than ready to partner with any school, church, or community to conduct children’s ministry.

“Wherever you send us we will go.” Joshua 1:16b

Garston Community Church

Serving at our home church is truly a privilege. We have the opportunity to work alongside our loved ones and teach children every week. Our current focus involves instructing the 8-12 age group on “The Life of Paul,” and teaching pre-schoolers about prayer during Sunday School. Our ultimate goal is to help the children in our church learn about Jesus Christ and how to live their lives in a way that honours Him.


Partnering with Jesus Disciples Centre (RCCG) in Newbury, we facilitated a Holiday Bible Club during the month of October 2022. Our lessons centered on the Greatest Investigator, the Lord Jesus, and how He seeks and saves the lost. Through examining ‘The Lost Coin’, ‘The Lost Sheep’, and ‘The Lost Son’, we discovered that we are all lost and in need of the Lord’s salvation from sin. It was a fulfilling experience as we were able to share our message with approximately 20 children in just one week.


We praise God for the chance to spread God’s Word in Scotland. We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to travel to Scotland and collaborate with Hannah and Simon to teach about God’s mission to save the world from sin. During our stay, we had the privilege of sharing with the children about God’s unconditional love for them, even when they fall short of His expectations. We had the pleasure of working with the Allendar Evangelical Church and Maryhill Evangelical Church in Glasgow to spread the good news.


During the month of July, we collaborated with our Area Directors to lead two camps in Donegal. For one week, we taught children aged 6-12 years about God’s providence in Joshua’s life, while during the other week, we focused on teaching teenagers how to live a godly life in a godless society, using Hezekiah as an example. Our team shared personal testimonies of how God transformed our lives at a young age, and the benefits of walking with the Lord. The children and teenagers were eager to share their struggles with understanding and living for God, and we were grateful for the opportunity to pray with and encourage them to seek God, especially during times of doubt or confusion.

South Shields, England

Fantastic! This was the word to describe the week spent in South Shields with the People’s Mission Church. We directed a 5-day, 5-hour long Holiday Bible Club with children between the ages of 3 to 11 years. Everyone enjoyed themselves! We used the CEF program called Mission Possible to teach the gospel to the children. The program was filled with songs, memory verses, skits, games, and food! At the end of the week the children were able to present to the church and their parents the gospel by retelling all of what they learnt during the week.

They all left the club singing about God’s Mission.

If you would like for us to conduct a Holiday Bible Club with you, please email us. We will be more than happy to work with you in God’s ministry.

People’s Mission Church

What do we offer?

Our projects

Hi! We are currently in Trinidad raising our support to return to England to begin our ministry at Newbury. So far God has been faithful to us in increasing our prayer support and providing 62% of our financial needs for our ongoing ministry (Project 1) and 58% for our return to England (Project 2) to set up a place to live in Newbury.

Meanwhile, we are visiting churches, meeting individuals and serving God at any opportunity. We intend to be faithful in God’s calling  for us.

Our hope is to return to England during the month of March.

  • Project 1 62% 62%
  • Project 2 58% 58%

Would you like to support us in accomplishing the mission God has given to us?


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