Priya and her sister Corinna have been staying in Watford and serving God in the children’s ministry of Garston Community Church for the past year. They are approved as candidates in training for CEF Britain and have begun to raise their support from prayer partners and financial donors.

They completed part 1 CMLC training online in the summer of 2021 and plan to complete part 2 in Ireland in 2022.

We hope to sponsor them so that each can obtain a Tier 5 Religious Worker visa for two years and return to Britain, once their financial support reaches the required level. They returned to Trinidad in December 2021, so that they can arrange deputation meetings to share their future ministry with potential supporters around the world and with churches. When they have raised sufficient financial support, they plan to return to England and start a new CEF ministry in Newbury, Berkshire.

Our projects

Hi! We are currently in Trinidad raising our support to return to England to begin our ministry at Newbury. So far God has been faithful to us in increasing our prayer support and providing 59% of our financial needs for our ongoing ministry (Project 1) and 43% for our return to England (Project 2) to set up a place to live in Newbury.

Meanwhile, we are visiting churches, meeting individuals and serving God at any opportunity. We intend to be faithful in God’s calling  for us.

Our hope is to return to England during the month of March.

  • Project 1 61% 61%
  • Project 2 44% 44%

Would you like to support us in accomplishing the mission God has given to us?

Priya’s & Corinna’s Prayer Letters


The 2022 Spring issue of our prayer letter is available for download.

Priya’s Prayer Letters


The 2021 Spring and Autumn issues of my prayer letter are available for download.

Corinna’s Prayer Letters


The 2021 Autumn issue of my prayer letter is available for download.

Area contact

Regarding the CEF ministry in Watford, please contact the following persons:

Click here for Priya or here for Corinna.