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What is a Christmas Party Club?
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Christmas Party Club

Many children today don’t regularly attend church and have never heard the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas Party Club is one of the Party Club ministries of Child Evangelism Fellowship that presents the Gospel to churched and unchurched children.

Christmas Party Clubs include a Gospel-centered Bible lesson, games, a memory verse, songs, and more to teach children around the world about the true story of Christmas.

Sharing the true meaning of Christmas

Children learn about how God can give every child the best gift — salvation. Through a Christmas Party Club, you and your church can work alongside CEF to reach the children in your community with the true story of Christmas this year.

A Christmas Party Club is a one-off meeting held in the weeks before Christmas. The aim is to tell boys and girls the true meaning of Christmas. The meeting can be held in a school, a community center, a church hall or in a home with local children being invited in for the special programme of approximately one hour or less.

We produce ready-to-use Christmas Party Club Lesson Packs. Here is a link for you to download the latest lesson pack (Immanuel – God with us), including the teacher’s guide, flashcard, PowerPoint, resources.

The importance of evangelism at Christmas – a message from the founder of CEF.

Emmanuel – Christmas movie

In 2021 the M.E. Region for CPC (Christmas Party Clubs) created an animated video with the Gospel message based on the Wordless book. We share it with you with permission. There are also video resources and we have permission for slight changes according to our needs. So, we can use this video and slightly change/adapt it to our needs and record voiceover or create subtitles.