The next course starts on:

Tuesday, 30th April 2024

It concludes on:

Tuesday, 21st May

It continues from 7.00-8.00 pm on Tuesday evenings: on 7th & 14th May.


Anyone who is involved in children’s ministry! If you are new and relatively inexperienced then this course is for you. If you are more experienced, then this course will be a great refresher.


You and I have a responsibility to share God’s word with clarity, accuracy and passion. This short course will help you grasp important principles for ministry among children.

Where & how long?

You can take this course in the comfort of your own home! Once a number of individuals or a church group registers for the course, we will send you 6 video sessions with worksheets to watch over a number of weeks. In between watching the videos, a trained CEF worker will meet together with your group on Zoom for some discussion and Q & A. This gives opportunity for fellowship together with new people, and also will strengthen your understanding of what has been covered in the video sessions.

Normally the course would be finished within a month.

How much?

No cost. Just your time and an open heart!

Why not jump into something new?

Be better equipped to teach the children God has entrusted to you!


A foundational teacher training course to further equip you in your ministry with children. There are 6 x 35/40 minute video sessions with worksheets covering the following subjects:

  • “The coming generation”
    Why invest in children? It’s not a new idea or something invented by people. All through Scripture God has put a special emphasis on the spiritual growth and development of children—of telling the coming generation the deeds of the Lord.
    This session will take you on a whistle-stop tour through many of these passages, helping you see the biblical importance of reaching children with the Gospel.
  • “What is the Gospel?”
    If you don’t fully understand the full Gospel message, it will have a limited impact on your own personal day to day living. If you don’t fully understand the main truths of the Gospel, you will not have a full confidence in it, and if you have a limited confidence in it, you will not have the passion to share it with others.
    In this session we want to help you gain a deeper understanding of key Gospel truths, and to inspire you to share it with many others, especially the children!
  • “Once upon a time”
    When it comes to teaching Bible lessons, we need to be able to keep the child’s attention and one way we can do this is through the art of good story telling.
    This session will give you practical tips and advice on how to be a good story-teller.
  • “More than a story”
    As teachers, we don’t want to just tell good stories, we want to effectively communicate Bible truths to the hearts and minds of the children.
    This session will help you to work out what truths should be taught and will give practical advice on how to teach Bible truths to children.
  • “Just add children”
    This session is full of practical tips for those involved in any type of children’s ministry.
  • “Teachers that touch lives”
    Do you remember a teacher who impacted your life? What were they like? What made them stand out from the others?
    This session looks at the subject of teaching from a Biblical perspective, and will challenge you by God’s grace to become a teacher who touches lives for eternity.

Hear what others have said about EQUIP…

It has been an eye opener.

I feel more equipped for the ministry, I was blessed by the discussions, I also hope to take further training!

This course has inspired me to be a passionate and genuine teacher.

It’s a great course, I finished it only wanting to know more.

I found it to be very comprehensive in its content. The video and worksheet format allows participants to work at their own pace.

I really had a wonderful time, listening to you, watching the videos, and learning useful tips on preaching the Gospel to young children. Equip training has furnished me with the tools needed in child evangelism – thank you! 😊

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