Discover the WonderSurf.com website for children and families.

The website is in 23 languages.

We encourage you to make sure it’s part of your family and church discipleship toolbox!

Information for Parents!

Wondersurf is a Christian website for children. It offers pastoral support by our Trail Guides. For information about how children and parents can use and enjoy this website, follow the link to the parents’ page.

The website for kids!

In the UK children spend on average an hour and 50 minutes online a day. WonderSurf.com is their evangelistic children’s website for 9 -12 years old.

The aim of the site is to reach children of this age group with the Gospel through the internet and to help those who have trusted the Lord grow in their Christian faith. The site includes adventures, activities, daily devotionals, games, e-cards, etc.

A great way to spread the news about WonderSurf.com among children in your neighbourhood or town is by giving them a “WonderSurf” flyer to draw their attention to the website.

Please download the WonderSurf flyers for printing out.

They have developed a Wondersurf-App for you to visit Wondersurf easily on your tablet or smartphone and play the garden game.

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