Building Event with LEGO

An opportunity to reach out to children with the good news of the Lord Jesus.

Build bridges between the children, their families and the local church.

Do something good for children and families in our community.

What is a Building Event?

During a Building Event, children build a town of LEGO together with volunteers from the local church. The duration of an event can be anything from 1 to 3 days. During each event there is a break with 45 minutes of Biblezone.

If an event runs for more than one day, the parents can come and see the finished LEGO town and they will have the opportunity to take part in a family devotion.

Why Building Events?

Building Events are a unique way of reaching out to children who, through this, have a fun and memorable experience, whilst at the same time they hear about God’s love and that He wants to have a relationship with them.

Building Events is a concept that was started by CEF Germany and is spreading in many European countries right now. It started in South Wales in March 2016. Building Events also happen in East London and in West Midlands.

Want a Building Event in your church?

Do you want to reach out to the children and families in your community in a new and different way? If so, run a Building Event in your local community in cooperation with CEF.

We will provide the LEGO and a local worker, all you need to do is provide the venue and volunteers.

How to run a Building Event?

The duration of an event can be between 2 to 3 hours, which consists of LEGO building, 45 minutes Biblezone with puppet show, songs, a Bible story, a memory verse and quiz run by a CEF worker, and a break for snacks.

Age & Group size

Building Events are for children aged 4-12 years old. Up to 40 children per day at each event.

Venue & Volunteers

You will need to provide the venue, 1 volunteer per 8 children and snacks. The volunteers are needed to help before, during and also after the event, as the LEGO blocks will need to be taken apart again. Each volunteer need to be DBS checked.


Each event is very flexible, and together with the local CEF worker you can work out the costs and how many days you would like your event to be.


Should you wish to hold an event, please contact your local worker and ask for more information about what your Building Event may look like.