Training Day Conference

for Sunday School teachers and volunteers


Trained CEF workers are available to speak at local church training day conferences. On this page you find some suggested subjects for a training day conference. You might like to have a training focus just for your own teachers, or you may want to consider inviting teachers from neighbouring churches or other churches in your denomination as well. We are happy to accommodate any of these possibilities.

Saturday Training Day Conference

Commencing at 10 a.m. and finishing at 4 p.m.
(or earlier / later if desired.)

You can choose subjects that meet your need – some possibilities:

  • How to be a good teacher.
  • Preparing a Bible lesson.
  • Effective memory work.
  • How to counsel a child for salvation.
  • Interactive teaching methods.
  • Dare to discipline.
  • Organizing an outreach club.

Sunday School Support flyer

If you would like to organise a training day in your area or church, please click here or email us for more information about what is involved and let us know your suggestions regarding when to have a possible training day/conference and what subjects you would like us to include.