Holiday Bible Club

Vacation outreach club in church

A Holiday Bible Club is a week of special meetings for boys and girls, in a church hall or other suitable building, with teaching for the Christian children and a challenge to the unsaved.

The Programme:
  • Can last up to 2 hours.
  • Contains Bible teaching, chorus singing, memory work and a quiz time.
  • There is usually a break for refreshments.
  • Work book time based on the Bible lesson taught.
  • Option for craft activity and games.

The Holiday Bible Club provides a tremendous opportunity for your church to reach out to the unchurched children in your neighbourhood. Why not have a Holiday Bible Club in your church this summer?

The latest lesson pack for this club can be ordered from the Lesson Packs page.

Experienced CEF workers can provide training and help you get started

If you as a church would like to organise a Holiday Bible Club and would like to receive training before you start, please click here or email us, indicating your interest along with your name, address, and church connection, and we will be in touch.