…………………………Lots of Children, LEGO & Bouncy Castle

We can hardly put our hands down because of excitement and gratitude after the two-day Easter Club with LEGO and Easter Kids Festival last week at Baglan Church.

A total of 34 children came to the two-day Easter Club with LEGO which was run like a half term club from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. New friendship were made, and a blessed peace filled the room when God’s word was shared.

Many of these children took their parents to the Kids Festival the following Sunday afternoon, along with many of the families from our toddler group and families from the church community.

We counted more than 60 children plus grown-ups who came and joined in the fun at five craft tables all Easter themed, jumped in the bouncy castle participated in the Easter Quiz and heard a clear Gospel Message. The organiser’s husband had invited families from his workplace, and they all gave very positive feedback to him and they would never have heard a gospel message before this Outreach.

Hanne Evans
Local worker for CEF South Wales