Website updates for September 2023

19th September 2023 | News

The latest prayer letter from Priya & Corinna (Autumn 2023) and Megan (April 2023 issue) are available.

The July 2023 update for “Hope for Ukraine” is available on our Hope for Ukraine page.

The Summer 2023 issue of “onmission” newsletter is available on our onmission (Kilchzimmer Echo) page.

The “CEF Britain” and “CEF Western Europe” prayer calendars for August – September are available on our Prayer Calendar page.

The 2023 Summer issue of “Sharing the Vision” newsletter is available on our Sharing the Vision page.

The Summer 2023 Annual Report issue of “IMPACT Magazine” is available on our International page.

New items are available on our Member page. These include Christmas Together 2022 and World Day of Prayer 2022.

A few new free resource are available at Missionary Stories , Good News Club Belize and CEF Europe Online Resources.

Latest news

God’s Very Good Idea

God’s Very Good Idea

Thank you so much for telling me I am God’s very good idea! I didn’t know that”, one girl eagerly told one of the team on our school’s outreach in June. The exciting thing about Livingston school’s week is not the number of children reached, but rather the very real conversations had with the children.

Children’s Ministry Leadership Course (CMLC)

Children’s Ministry Leadership Course (CMLC)

What a blessing it has been to serve the Lord teaching at CMLC in Sibiu, Romania. I had the pleasure of teaching on the ‘Good News Club’(GNC) subject, looking at what is a GNC, where, when and how can we start and run a GNC. We also looked at practical and interactive...