23rd April 2019 | News

The beginning of Spring started with a gathering of the workers and their families at the Pioneer Centre, near Kidderminster, for a wonderful time of refreshment and to get this very rare opportunity to be all together as CEF GB.

The programme began on Friday, which was a wet day but this did not dampen the excitement I felt as I arrived at the centre. Some drove, flew or took the ferry from Ireland to attend the conference.

I personally was filled with much delight and anticipation to meet different workers in person for the first time after a year working in the National Office. The Pioneer Centre is set in green surroundings with field all around the different lodges, we were looking forward to a great time of fellowship.

The programme was neatly laid out with many sessions set to cover various topics for us to share and discuss so as to bring light and wisdom in local ministry. There were times of prayer and teaching to hear from the Word of God.

I was greatly encouraged to know that it is God’s Grace, God’s Power and God’s Anointing at work in us that enables each one to answer the call to serve Him in ministry. There was a real family atmosphere and it was a great blessing to have the children with us at the conference. Saturday ended with an evening of much laughter as we played various team games. What a joyful time we had, and we look forward to many more times like these as the CEF family in Britain.

Primrose Tshawe

Finance and Office Administrator, CEF GB

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